About Me

Grace Paduano is an ACC certified coach, NLP practitioner and mother of 2 vibrant daughters who are the inspiration behind Coach Approach to Parenting.  Since acquiring her coaching certification Grace has lived the difference of having more meaningful conversations with everyone in her life and most importantly her children and loved ones.

Grace has experienced first hand the power of engaging with her children from a place of genuine curiosity stepping beyond her definition of “Mother” and recognizing the value in hanging up the judgements and truly being present and listening beyond words.   Now she consciously chooses to practice the art of asking the question before jumping to conclusions about the answers her children already have within themselves.

An expert in the field of learning and development Grace is always intrigued by what makes people tick and how we respond to the life’s “triggers”  in our relationships, especially as parents.  Grace is passionate about sharing her learnings to serve others who are equally passionate about their personal growth and development.icflogo07

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