Inner Voice

7 01 2013

Happy New Year followers, parents, aspiring parents, nurturers, guardians and continuos learners!

With a new year comes new awarenesses.  What I’ve been keenly aware of in the last little while is that there’s an important difference between the mind’s chatter and the inaudible whispers of our true inner voice and that children seem to get this without elaborate explanations!  In my kitchen I have a question posted on a small sticky that asks, “Are you honouring the Godforce?”  It’s been there for a few years and serves as a reminder to pause, take a breathe and  reflect on whether we’re choosing out of habituated response or from the true essence of our unique being. My daughters get this, without extensive words or convoluted explanations they have this pretty much figured out and know that beyond the voices in our heads that tell us we’re too slow…, unable too …, will be critized if… blah, blah, blah, there is the true inner voice that manifests itself as an impulse, intuition, without language and logic attached to it.  It’s that sensation of KNOWING what’s right for you and honouring yourself at each and every fork in the road.

As a parent, and daughter, I have experiences how the words we choose to engage with our children can inadvertently become the source for their mind’s negative chatter or the conduit to connect to the essence of who we/they are.  Through the years it has become increasingly clear to me that the times I’ve felt most connected to my children have been the moments with the least amount of words spoken.  It is in those moments of near silence that we create the space for ourselves and our children to take pause and connect from a different place.

So how do you guide your children to connect and stay connected to their true inner voice?  The voice that prompts:

  •            To trust or not?
  •            To show up or escape?
  •            To surrender or control?
  •            To let be or step in?
  •            To pay attention or ignore?
  •            To love or fear?
  •            To engage or hide?

How able are we to move beyond our own parental filters, haphazard responses, and habituated choices to create the space to allow the true Self to emerge and manifest with each choice?  Let 2013 be a year of discovery and connection for us and for our children!





One response

11 01 2013
Grace Paduano

Joanna Barclay – My inner voice is saying continue doing what you love doing and brings you joy at work and in you life. This is not a dress rehearsal. Don’t let fear determine your choices. Connect with what expands your soul, your inner voice and follow it.

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