17 12 2012

Defined as the ability to positively respond/adapt to and survive/cope with a stressful or traumatic situation, resilience is what I pray for in honour of all those who have experienced the loss of a child.  As we collectively pray for the healing of those whose hearts and spirits have been broken in light of recent tragedies let us also consider how we model resilience in our own lives.

  • Where do you find courage in the face of adversity?
  • What resources are available to you when you need help?
  • How willing are you to reach out and ask for assistance and move past the urge to isolate yourself?
  • What faith do you draw from when your trust is broken?
  • How do you stay focused on the greater purpose of your life’s journey while moving through despair?

Even in the most difficult of circumstance we have choices:  to accept the reality of what is or deny it.  In the acceptance of what is, lies the ability to claim our personal power, the power to continue to grow, love and nurture.

As parents we are teachers. Let us be mindful of the lessons we share as we live our lives and learn from the hurt and pain we experience.

Let’s manifest our resilience and stay in peace.




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